"Right Faith in God and Right Confidence in Yourself is the way to Live a Life"

-Swami Sri Sureshwara Acharya

Sri Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

Temples have always played a central role in Indian society. Temple forms the vortex of energy, where people could transform themselves in many ways. Temple is place where one feels the spiritual vibrations, a flow of positive energy putting the mind at ease, helping them attain a certain sense of balance and depth, in their lives. Apart from this, temples serve as centre for, Rituals, Vedic education, Traditions, Art and Culture.

Under the guidance of our Guru, His Holiness Swami Sri Sureshwara Acharya, the Sri Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Trust has embarked on an auspicious mission of building a temple for the all-powerful mother, SRI SAMAYAPURAM MARIAMMAN, in Baburayanakoppalu, Srirangapatna, Mandya District, Karnataka, India.

The proposed temple at Srirangapatna, would be a magnificent structure dedicated to the all powerful but benevolent and mother like form of Shakthi, Sri Samayapuram Mariamman. The place chosen for this proposed temple is very unique; just the way the Goddess found her place in Samayapuram, Trichy, to carry out her penance, she chose for herself a similar site on the banks of the holy river Cauvery, in Srirangapatna.

The location:
On the Bangalore Mysore state highway at 123 km distance from Bangalore and roughly 25 km after Mandya town just before Baburayankoppal, one would cross the river Lokapavani and few hundred meters after crossing the river, an arch on to left side welcomes everyone. Entering through the arch, one would see lush green paddy fields and a canal running along the road. At the end of the road lies the Temple site.

The temple site is in close proximity to the historical Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and famous Sri Nimishamba Temple, Srirangapatna and the Sri Venkateshwara Temple, on the Karighatta hill.

Temple architecture:
The Temple is being built on a area of about 3 acres with the main temple complex covering an area of over 70,000 sq ft. The entire structure follows the Dravidian style of architecture and strictly as per the Aghama Shastras. Temple comprises of Five gopurams, with the Rajagopuram, a nine storied structure, rising 108 feet above the ground, making

The Maha Mandabam:
The Maha Mandabam will be a huge pedestal of stone structure. There will be steps to approach the Mandabam from different sides. The pedestal will support several intricately carved pillars of different design. The praharam wall will be of stone structure. There windows on the wall, which will carved out of stone, will provide ventilation. The pillars and the outer wall will support the entire stone roof. The roof will also have a raised portion (called Thukkupathi mandabam) for good ventilation and natural lighting. The entrance to the Maha Mandabam. will be through a stone gopuram of five story height.

The Gopurams:
There will a set of high rise gopurams. The maha Raja gopuram will be of nine story tall with a height of 108 feet. The base will be of stone structure and the top will be cement structure. The Raja gopuram will be of seven stories tall with a height of 64 feet. The base will be of stone structure and the top will be cement structure.

By joining hands with us in our mission to build this magnificent temple, you will be part of a noble deed. This temple will stand for many hundreds of years and our future generations will be blessed. Not everybody gets this blessed opportunity. Let us create this holy abode for our mother, Sri Samayapuram Mariamman to enable the future generations, attain her blessings.

We request one and all to contribute generously in the making of this magnificent temple.

Further information contact us :-
Sri Samaypuram Mariamman Temple Trust,
163 & 166, Kirangur Post,Baburayankopplu, Srirangapatna.
Mandya District. Pin code – 571807
Contact/whatapp No. no :- +91 9791167265
Email :- info@srisamayapuramashrma.com
Donation can be made through a cheque or online to the temple trust bank account given below.
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Bank Name: - State Bank of India
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