"Right Faith in God and Right Confidence in Yourself is the way to Live a Life"

-Swami Sri Sureshwara Acharya

Sri Samayapuram Purna Kala Sabha

Our Ashram Sri Samayapuram Mariamman Pada Seva MahaSamasthanam, was founded in the year 2002, by our guru, our beloved Swamiji, Sri Suresh Acharaya In addition a planned roll out as one of the Ashram's activities is in the field of Arts, Music and Dance.

We welcome you for the monthly Music Concert on first saturday of every month


In Hindu scriptures, music and God have always been depicted together. Apart from these sources, many saints & scholars believe that music is the greatest form of tapasya( penance) & the easiest way to attain salvation is to sing the greatness of the Divine power

This gave birth to the Sri Samayapuram Purna Kala Sabha on 16th Jan 2010 in a glittering small inaugural function.

Sri Samayapuram Purna Kala Sabha fulfils the need of the devotees in attending quality Carnatic music concerts of well known Vidwans & Vidushis of repute

Sri Samayapuram Purna Kala Sabha conducts regular Concert