"Right Faith in God and Right Confidence in Yourself is the way to Live a Life"

-Swami Sri Sureshwara Acharya

Narayani Namosthutae.

Our Ashram Sri Samayapuram Mariamman Pada Seva Mahasamasthanam, was founded in the year 2002, by our guru, our beloved Swamiji, Sri Sureshwara Acharaya. His Holiness Sri Sureshwaracharya, is a spiritual teacher leading the disciple on the path of "God-Realization". He enlightens our minds and educates us spiritually.

It brings to our mind a very important incident and enlightens all our devotees, on how the ashram had got its name. This incident took place almost 25 years back, Goddess herself descended on Swamiji and gave instructions to make the mould of the divine feet. The imprint taken on a white cloth had an interesting thing to reveal. The left imprint was slightly different from that of the right one, that is one of the Padukas was slightly bigger than the other. On a closer look it actually revealed the fact that the bigger Paduka was that of a male and the smaller one that of a female. It is indeed a miracle, for we were fortunate enough to be blessed with the foot imprints of both Shiva and Parvathi, in the form of "Ardhanareeswara ". The imprints taken on cloth were then given to a carpenter to make wooden padukas but miraculously the padukas bloated up and looked exactly like a pair of feet. This holy Paadam was covered with Silver and worshipped with Bhatia and devotion. The paadams are of immense importance for us as it is because of these holy paadams that our ashram came into existence.


Our esteemed Swamiji has a vision for our ashram and us. He looks forward to all the devotees of Sri Samayapuram Mariamman, to grow each day, spiritually. He strives to make a positive difference in each and every person he interacts with and rid them of their Greed, Desires, Ego, Anger and Pride.

  • To create a spiritually stronger society by performing,
    1. Puja's & Homams;
    2. Holding Satsangs;
    3. Impart knowledge on the Right way to Live.
  • Serve the needy and help the under privileged,
    1. By Mass Feeding, Annadanam;
    2. Home for the aged and homeless;
    3. Home for the physically and mentally challenged.
  • To provide Mass Education,
    1. Through Free education;
    2. Provide Scholarships and higher education assistance;
    3. Work toward establishing a University and create a knowledge center to impart spiritual education.
  • To provide various types of Medical help, to the needy,
    1. Through Blood Donation camps;
    2. Sponsor Surgeries;
    3. Free Medical Checks and consultations;
    4. Build a Hospital to provide free and subsidized treatments.