"Right Faith in God and Right Confidence in Yourself is the way to Live a Life"

-Swami Sri Sureshwara Acharya

Our Guru


His Holiness Sri Sureshwaracharya is a spiritual teacher par excellence who is leading His disciples towards the path of "God Realisation". He enlightens their minds and educates them spiritually. In him, we the devotees see a sage, without the least touch of worldliness - a saint of complete purity and knowledge beyond comprehension.

By experiencing his divineness, one would find the way to lead a simple and happy life. An open secret for all to experience His divinity, but still a very few, who could realize it.

Our Swamiji had found that it is of at most need to help people realize this and He took up this as his mission to lead all who came to seek, even a fraction of this divineness, which is the key to eternal happiness and bliss. Swamiji as a startup to this mission, had founded the "Sri Samayapuram Mariaman Pada Seva Maha Samasthanam" with centers at Bangalore and Chennai. Being an ardent follower of Sri Samayapuram Mariamman, and a firm believer in the teachings of Sri Adi Shankaracharyar's, "Advaita Philosophy", Swamiji has dedicated his life for the betterment of mankind.

Swamiji has toiled ceaselessly to kindle the flame of true devotion, to light the lamp of spiritual awareness in the heart of every aspirant . Forgoing both food and sleep but keeping His devotees' interest always in mind in His worldly journey called life. He is one who never wavers in his determined way of life. Those of us who have known him personally, can vouch to His unalterable, spartan, strict routine of his daily austerities, whether at the ashram or during his yatras and his meticulous adherences to the duties enforced on him both as a Sanyasin and a Spiritual Guru even neglecting his health.

From a very young age, he had demonstrated a great awareness about the spiritual realm. His younger days were mostly spent in performing various Poojas and visiting Temples and Shrines all over India.

Swami Sri Sureshwara Acharya-Teachings

"Simple Living and High Thinking" is Swamiji's version of religion. He sees the universal truth among his devotees. He does not believe in religious, social or gender differences among them. For Him, "All are equal".

Swamiji preaches, "Non-Dualism" which means that each and every individual has a divine existence, which can be identified with the Supreme God. The mere thought that the human being is finite with a name and form subject to worldly changes, is to be discarded. The physical bodies are different in appearance but the soul of all the individual bodies are the same i.e., the Divine One.

He guides us on the path of Selfless Devotion to God and he emphasizes on humbleness and total self-submission to the God. Swamiji is a tremendous force in unifying and harmonizing his devotees and providing them with a goal to reach the pinnacle of glory in whatever they do and be committed with the dharmic excellence and deep social concern. He stresses the need for unity and exposes the contradictions of life and teaches with authority and incisiveness